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Please read over the lock policy to ensure your booking with the person who fits your needs. The installation has a series of steps. Below you will find them explained step by step. This process only starts with the a consultation. 

1. The first step is the consultation . During this appointment we sit with one another at my salon and we speak more about you. Your hair care regimen, what your hair goals are, and any expectations you have. Before arrival to your appointment we ask that your hair is shampooed and air dried with no products added. Sample locks will be installed this day. The sample locks should be worn for a minimum of four weeks and two shampoos. More information will be given at the time of service. 

2. Next, we set up the establishment dates. These dates are usually booked during the consultation. Establishments are booked in a series of two or more consecutive days. These dates require a non refundable $300.00 deposit. You can reschedule your establishment  days up to 72 hours before your appointment. Reschedule dates are only available upon availability. 

3. THE BIG DAY!  Establishment day. This is the day we've been waiting for. This day we will start the process of birthing your new chapter. Prior to your appointment you should prepare the way you did for the consultation. Some goddesses will have their hair trimmed  (included in the services) and others will not. Before your appointment begins, half of the establishment cost is paid and on the final day the remaining balance is due.( Payment plans are available.) Your follow up appointment is made on the final establishment  day. Since these days will be long, feel free to bring things that make you comfortable. We will have breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner together for the next couple of days. 

4. During your time of getting to know the new you. We ask that you please shampoo (braid and band method) your hair at least two times before your next appointment. Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out. There will be many changes happening and we totally understand. 

5. Follow up day. On this day we will be doing a full retie and check for any issues that may be occurring. Other information for this appointment is sent via email. At the end of your appointment we schedule your first retie according to how your hair grows. After it is booked, your service is complete.

6. Please protect your investment by following the instructions to the best of your ability. If you have any concerns feel free to send a text message. I will respond at my earliest convenience. 

7. If you have gotten this far and believe we would be a good team, please book your consultation below. If you're coming from out of town or long distance please book an introduction appointment . We can discuss your plan here.

*Crown Requirements*
We ask that your crown be four inches all over for tightly coiled hair textures. If you are transitioning out of a relaxer, you do not need to cut your relaxed hair off.  We ask that you have at least four inches of new growth before we can install your locks. If your hair is loosely coiled, it is recommended that you have at least six inches of hair to ensure that your newly installed locks have  minimum amount of slippage. 


Sisterlock/Interlock Policies

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